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"Innovation first"

There are many engineering companies. There are many software developers. There are many patent attorneys. There are many consultants. But there are not so many clever minds, building bridges between these worlds.

Building brigdes require open mindsets and corresponding know-how. Both we have. We know how to design engineering processes, to code platforms, to read patents, to make things work.

Our references, our standards, our know-how and our experience are a good start into demanding projects. For demanding clients.

Our services

Process engineering

Analysing, monitoring and modelling engineering processes - that's what we are good in. Also due to the fact that we work with our own cloud solution "Pi" – a process data platform, that we developed and make available to everyone.


We develop, optimise and document code. Preferably in Php or Java, if requested Python, .Net or VBA. And of course everything, flying around these days in www. Software development is wide-ranging, varying and demanding.


What covers a patent? Are there differences within a patent family? How to search? When and where filing? For patent matters it needs a good mixture of thorough work, creativity and stamina. And we got that...


Martin Horeni

Process engineering, Patents

Michael Wechner

Software Frontend/Backend

Hüseyin Ünlü

Software C Sharp, Python



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solutions-ahead Schweiz GmbH

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